[Nfbc-info] Junior Blind Summer Jobs -- Blind Need not Apply?

Bryan Bashin bashin at calweb.com
Mon May 18 17:14:23 UTC 2009

Our friends at the Junior Blind of America have posted a series of 
great jobs in their Los Angeles program.  Only problem is that they 
continue to insist upon a Drivers License for these positions, 
effectively shutting out blind people from making a 
contribution.  Small wonder, then, that JBA continues to be seen as 
an organization out of touch with what blind people think, need and do.

If any of the following jobs are ones with which you have ability, I 
might suggest applying anyway and having a serious conversation about 
the blanket need for a drivers license.  The Junior Blind needs to 
hear from blind people.  The job post appears below..


Job Type
Full Time
Relevant Work Experience
Less than 1 Year
Fun Summer Program Jobs!
About the Job
Jump Start Your Career!
Would you like to be part of a fun and exciting program?
Looking for a summer job that's completely different?
Junior Blind of America is currently seeking staff in a variety of 
positions for
its Student Transition and Enrichment Program (STEP).
STEP is a summer program for young adults who are 16-22 years old, 
who are blind
or visually impaired and seeking career-awareness, independent living 
skills and
developing social skills. The program offers its students career 
exploration, internship-work
experience, independent living skills, and much more.
The program is based at Junior Blind's Los Angeles campus, but STEP 
frequently leaves
campus for off-campus activities such as spending a few hours at 
Amoeba Records in
Hollywood to a whole day at Knott's Berry Farm.
This is an 8 week summer position that begins June 15, 2009 and ends 
August 14, 2009.
Specific job requirements vary, but all staff must be responsible, 
caring, flexible,
resourceful, patient and have excellent interpersonal skills.
Experience working with young adults, special needs and/or the 
visually impaired
is a plus.
All candidates must be 21 years old, have a valid California Driver 
License and must
be eligible to drive agency vehicles
.   This is an excellent work opportunity for
a student looking for a summer job and/or
anyone considering the fields of education, special education, vision 
orientation and mobility, psychology, ophthalmology, social work, or 
for anyone who
cares about others!
This is also a great job for a person looking for a new and exciting 
summer experience.
This is not your typical summer job!
The following STEP positions are:
Job Coach
As a job coach your focus will be to lead and train students in 
established work
sites in the community while assisting in the planning and 
implementation of strategies
for developing student's independent work skills.
Residential Counselor
As a Residential Counselor, duties will include guiding and assisting 
students in
a household atmosphere and maintaining a safe environment.
Assisting students in planning and participating in events such as 
trips to the mall,
the beach, Magic Mountain, internships-work experience, and much more.
Nocturnal Residential Counselor
As a Nocturnal Residential Counselor, duties will include guiding and 
assisting students
in a household atmosphere and maintaining a safe environment.
You will be required to remain alert and awake during the shift.
This is a perfect job if you want to catch up on your homework or if 
you are a night
Orientation and Mobility Specialist
As an O& M instructor you will assess each student upon arrival to 
the program, setting
goals with each student and then implementing exercises to address those goals.
Complete assessments and written reports for each student.
Student needs will range from simple use of cardinal directions and 
basic cane technique,
to off-campus training, such as visits to local markets, the 
surrounding residential
neighborhood, downtown Los Angeles, use of public transportation, or 
even trips to
amusement parks!
A Master's degree in orientation and mobility from an accredited 
college or university
preferred, or bachelor's degree in orientation and mobility from an 
accredited college
or university and certification, permanent or provisional, by the 
Academy for Certification
of Vision Rehabilitation and Education Professionals (ACVREP) as an 
orientation and
mobility specialist.
Assistive Technology Instructor
The primary purpose of your position is to instruct the students in 
the use of Braille
for personal communication, preparation for vocational use and 
identification needs.
             A degree in rehabilitation teaching with a visually 
handicapped specialty
and experience in
             the use of Braille and Braille instruments.
Knowledge of and ability to instruct in Grades 1,
             2 and 3 Braille, notation Braille, the Braille writer, 
the slate and
Lead Teacher of the Visually Impaired
The primary purpose of the position is to over see day-to-day 
operations of the program
and the curriculum.
Develop and implement curriculum and assign and track individualized 
student work.
Provide direct instruction in classroom settings.
   Provide clear and motivating leadership and instruction.
Create and maintain an atmosphere of support and of self worth.
A Master's degree or equivalent with an emphasis on services to the 
visually impaired
and experience in an agency or agencies serving the disabled or the 
blind or visually
Interested candidates should submit their resume and letter of interest to
(Please specify which position you are interested in):
Junior Blind of America
Human Resources Department
5300 Angeles Vista Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90043
Fax: (323) 296-0424
hrdept at juniorblind.org
Visit us at:
  and Share Our Vision!

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