[Nfbc-info] Channel Islands Chapter "A Walk in the Dark" 2009

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Thu May 21 01:49:52 UTC 2009

Hello Fellow Federationists,


It gives me great pleasure to write this message and share with all of you
one of our chapter’s latest successes.  The Channel Islands Chapter held its
second annual walk-a-thon fundraiser and community awareness event on
Saturday, April 25.  We had about 75 participants.  30 of those participants
were new to the event, including a Spanish speaking family with two blind
sons in Jr. High School from Soledad.  About 2 dozen sighted participants
walked the 5 kilometers under learning shades and using a cane while
accompanied by a blind guide.  Our event aimed at demonstrating the NFB
positive philosophy about blindness by getting the sighted community and
other blind people involved in activities that showcase how good training
helps blind people reach independence.  In addition to the walking, we also
had t-shirts and Braille wristbands to get the word out about Braille
literacy and the NFB.  Of course, another major goal of the event was
fundraising.  Recognizing that we’re in tough economic times, we lowered the
registration fees.  Even so, we were able to raise almost $2,000.  This will
go a long way towards funding the community integration events we have
planned, including a chapter camping trip.  We’re going to get blind people
out into the great outdoors and share our alternative techniques for
cooking, building campfires, hiking, and more.  Hopefully other chapters are
having the kind of fun and impact that the Channel Islands Chapter is
enjoying.  Feel free to contact us with any questions.  


Best wishes,

Nicolás M. Crisosto

Channel Islands Chapter, President

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