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Great job, Robert!


At 05:39 PM 9/23/2009, you wrote:
>Hello All,
>Last Thursday evening, at our monthly Board meeting, I announced 
>that there was an on going issue, with Verizon and their phone boxes.
>Today, there was a hearing with the Los Angeles Public Works department.
>The Board of Public works, has placed a proposal on the table, that 
>will be heard by the full Board and voted on Friday morning, September 25.
>The proposal is this:
>Verizon will start November 1st, in taking the Bios Boxes that they 
>have placed on telephone poles at a height  of three feet or so, and 
>move them to a height of no less then eight feet.
>Any box that cannot be moved to this new height, will have a barrier 
>placed from its bottom edge to the ground.
>This will start in November of 2009 and has an ending date of December 2010.
>We will meet in January, June and December to make sure that Verizon 
>is continuing the work that they agree to, and that things are moving along.
>If members live in the Los Angeles area, would like to attend Friday 
>mornings meeting, they can, but should understand that it is mostly 
>to have a final vote on this proposal.
>The address is 200 n Spring Street on the third floor.
>Also, I would like to let you know, that I was interviewed by CBS 
>News, and the story aired at 3 pm and will air again at 6 pm.
>You can find the story on video at www.cbs2.com and I was 
>interviewed over the phone by ABC and that will air along with 
>others that they interviewed at 6 pm as well.
>Yesterday, Racquel Decipeda the Secretary of the San Fernando Valley 
>Chapter, was interviewed and had her picture taken in front of a box 
>in Granada Hills, which you can find in the Daily News today.
>This has had an overwhelming amount of media on the subject today 
>and the last couple of days, which I would just like to say, thank 
>you to those who have helped make this outcome possible.
>Again, the next meeting is Friday morning at 9:30 am, which I will 
>give you another update after that meeting.
>Thank you,
>Robert Stigile
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