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A Vote A Day Goes A Long, Long, Way
At this point we should all be getting settled into the rhythm of voting every day for the NFB Youth Slam in the Pepsi Refresh Project. If you're like many of us though, you'll need some reminders, because even though submitting a vote every day is so important, it can slip our minds. Now you can sign up for those daily reminders through your e-mail by using this link: www.nfb.org/Forms.asp?MODE=NEW&Forms_FormTypeID=-175
Once again, to vote via text message send the number 101913 to Pepsi (73774), once a day, every day. Or if you do not have a texting plan, go to www.refresheverything.com/nfbyouthslam and click the vote button to sign in through Pepsi or through Facebook. Once you sign in, don't forget to hit the vote button again to log your vote!
For those of you concerned about our current ranking. Good! You should be, and you should continue to get the word out to everyone you can about the importance of voting every day! However, currently Pepsi is having technical difficulties with their ranking system, so our actual ranking is unknown. So it very well may be better, but it may also be worse, which is why keeping up the vote is so incredibly important during this time. Together we can make this a reality! Sign up for e-mail reminders and vote every day!


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