[Nfbc-info] CABS after-banquet social event

Miguel Mendez miguelmendez7 at gmail.com
Mon Aug 23 05:29:40 UTC 2010

Hello Californians,

The California Association of Blind Students is currently at work
planning a social event which will take place immediately following
the banquet at this year’s NFBC convention. A principle objective of
this event is to provide a method through which the students in our
organization can become better acquainted with other NFB members in
our affiliate in a fun, relaxed environment. Obviously, achieving this
goal requires interest and participation by our affiliate members –
the more, the better. For this reason, we are looking for feedback and
suggestions from all of you to ensure that this gathering is well
attended and enjoyed by all. After a great deal of brainstorming and
researching the feasibility of various ideas proposed, we have
developed a tentative event description. We welcome your thoughts on
the current plan for this post-banquet social event. Keep in mind that
nothing is set in stone as this event might vary well continue to be
shaped based on input by members of our affiliate. Here is what is
planned thus far:

Trivia: In the absence of Bunco or Monte Carlo night, students have
suggested possibly engaging in a few lively, competitive rounds of
general trivia, music trivia and Federation trivia as a way to
continue the tradition of getting to know each other better through
friendly competition. Depending on the general concensus, players may
even form teams of two or more randomly selected individuals during
each round rather than playing the game individually in order to
promote greater interaction amongst our members.

Karaoke/Open Mic: Since this event will take place in the same room
where the banquet would have already taken place, the PA system will
continue to be available to us. After the trivia portion of the event
concludes – or perhaps in between rounds of trivia – Our affiliate
members might muster up enough courage and wish to demonstrate their
little-known artistic side. A bit of poetry? Your first attempt at
stand up comedy? A Garth Brooks song you want to try on us before
going on TV and laying it on the judges of American Idol? Let us hear
it! A few of those putting together this event promise to bring plenty
of music (to sing or dance along to) and even a few karaoke tracks
just in case. Bringing along your own music would work as well.

Auction: Talk about a cool way to combine friendly competition with
talent appreciation and wind up with a few extra dollars toward our
cause! We are well aware that there are a few individuals in our
affiliate who have a knack for making wonderful things in the kitchen,
and we had you folks in mind when this idea first developed. For the
most part, the initial plan was to ask those of you cooks out there
who could do so to donate one or more non-perishable baked items for
the auction, as we know that there are individuals out there who would
be willing to make a small donation in order to take home (or perhaps
immediately devour) one of your wonderful kitchen creations. However,
others may wish to donate another item, skill or talent altogether for
the auction, and we welcome this. A good singer may offer to call the
highest bidder on his or her birthday and deliver a one of a kind
rendition of “Happy Birthday”, an expert in the area of technology may
donate a certain amount of hours of one-on-one tech support/training
to the highest bidding technophobe, an artist may donate a piece of
work or promise to make something special for the highest bidder at a
later date – the possibilities are endless. Our goal is not for folks
to empty their wallets during these short, sporadic bidding sessions
that would take place throughout the night; the auction component
would be meant to provide an additional element of fun to the event
while also serving as a fundraiser for CABS.

So what do you say, folks? Sound interesting? Not so appealing? We
want as much participation as possible at this event. Would enough of
you take part in any of these activities? If this doesn’t sound like
your cup of tea, what might work for you instead? Your feedback is

Miguel Mendez

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