[Nfbc-info] Making one's way to washington seminar.

Brian Buhrow buhrow at nfbcal.org
Tue Dec 7 21:26:09 UTC 2010

	Hello.  The best airport to use, by far and away, is Regan National
airport.  You can take a quick cab ride from the airport to the Holiday Inn
or you can take the Metro.  American and United are good carriers to use to
Hope that Helps.
On Dec 7,  1:20pm, Darian Smith wrote:
} Subject: [Nfbc-info] Making one's way to washington seminar.
} Good afternoon fellow californians,
}   for those who have ever gone to washington seminar,  what would you
}  say  are the best options to get into D.C. (as far as flying into a a
}  specific airport?)
}   Thanks, and I hope all are well,
}   Darian
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