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Please share with your networks…

This is a  special invitation for California high school juniors and
seniors who have  disabilities that are interested in applying to attend the
California Youth  Leadership Forum for Students with Disabilities (YLF) July
24-28, 2011 in  Sacramento.  Students will have the opportunity to live on a
college  campus  and join more than 900 alumni from across the state that have
been a part of this unique program created specifically for young leaders
with  disabilities.
At no cost for the junior and senior students attending a high  school in

Students who attend YLF make new,  life-long friendships and make resource
connections to help them reach their  personal, academic, and career goals.
Many Alumni of the California Youth Leadership Forum say it  has forever
changed their lives for the  better.

You can go to _www.calylf.org_ (http://www.calylf.org/)   for more
information, a copy of the application and instructions.

If you experience any difficulty in filling out this  application, we can
help you. Please contact YO! Disabled & Proud at (866)  296-9753 or TDD (800)
In addition, please forward this message to your networks and  any
potential candidates.

YLF Dates: July 24-28, 2011  (Dates subject to change)

Deadline to submit applications, January 7, 2011 by close of business.
*Please remember to read the  instructions carefully, there are a number of
critical questions that must be  answered when applying for YLF. Example,
applications must be submitted  electronically or may not be accepted.
Incomplete applications may also not be  accepted.

Additional information and applications are available at:  _www.calylf.org_
If you have any questions or need any information regarding  YLF please
contact YO! Disabled & Proud toll-free at (866)  296-9753 or toll-free TDD
(800) 900-0706.

Mailing Address:
Youth Leadership  Forum
California Foundation for Independent Living Centers
1029 J  Street
Sacramento, CA 95814

Contact Name: Eddie  Rea
Telephone Number: 916-325-1690 ex. 337

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