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Judge says officials wrong to prohibit blind UCLA grad's use of computer during state bar exam
By Associated Press

3:36 PM PST, January 29, 2010

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) - A federal judge says a blind law school graduate can use a computer during the multiple-choice portion of the California bar exam, a test all must pass to practice law in the state.

U.S. District Court Judge Charles Breyer ruled Friday that University of California, Los Angeles law school graduate Stephanie Enyart's request to use software designed for blind test takers was a reasonable request.

The National Conference of Bar Examiners Inc., which administers that portion of the test for the State Bar of California, had cited security concerns in its opposition of Enyart's request.

The nonprofit argued it made several significant accommodations - such as extra time and allowing a live reader - so that Enyart could take the paper-and-pencil exam.

The exam starts Feb. 23.

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