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gary melconian garymelc at msn.com
Fri Mar 19 02:17:59 UTC 2010

Hello robert stigil , my name is gary melconian. I am planning on looking
into law school for expanding my areas of expertise. I am not sure if I plan
on going the traditional rout of going to law school and taking the LSAT or
going the nontraditional route of going through  correspondent schools or
night school for my law degree since I have my bachelors and masters degree
law school for me may be a bit pricy and so this is wy I am debating the
alternatives to law school so that  I can get my JD and then be eligible to
take the State Bar. I was wondering if I was  to go through the  non
traditional route which I know may be a consideration I will have to take
the first year la  school examination  which is known  as the baby bar which
I will be needing accomidations for and would be requesting to have the
accommodations along the fact if I could  have a computer  with JAWS , and
depending on the route I take I would like to know if the nfb would also
take the nontraditional route under consideration if individuals have issues
with the agencies who would be administering these types of exams as means
of road blocks for the nontraditional to be able to go to law school and
receive his or her JD and then be ready to take State bar examinations.  I
am planning on these consideration within the  next year since at the moment
I have my EA license and I prepare taxes and the enhancement  of law school
would be to enhance my areas of expertise in the fields of taxation ,
accounting and financial and estate planning. I would truly appreciate it if
you could get back to my questions as promptly as possible. 
Sincerly yours;
Gary Melconian, MBA 
Cell:  818-731-3949


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