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Happy New Year!

  Rigel Technology is pleased to announce a Small Business Training Seminar
for those who wish to start a small business or for those who want to
enhance and improve their existing business using internet strategies that
will assist with the success.  See below for details.  
Connie Leblond
Rigel Technology
888-723-5011 Ext. 3

Rigel Technology Small Business Seminar..

Finding work in today's economy can be difficult.  The solution that more
people are coming to is to create their own employment situation by starting
a small business.
The reality is that many of these ventures fail.  Sadly, they fail because
of minor pitfalls that can easily be avoided.  
Rigel Technology has developed a two day small business seminar to help
propel new and growing business ventures to become and remain prosperous,
even in the face of severe economic downturns.  If you have entrepreneurial
goals,, or are seeking an infusion of new concepts for an existing business,
and a desire to succeed, participating in this strategy filled seminar will
be the missing component!

Our curriculum includes topics such as
Creating a business plan
Internet Marketing Strategies
 Search Engine Optimization
 Finding the Right Products or servicews  Feasibility Studies  Staying One
Step Ahead of your Competition Seminars will be held both online, and in a
city near you.
This small business training will consist of 2 sessions per day of 3 hours
each for 2 consecutive days.  Seating is limited, so we suggest early
The cost for the 2 day event is $295.  Please call for group discount rates.

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