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Hi Serena,

What an orginal idea!  I wish you and your chapter much success.
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> Serena,
> What a great start to 2011.  Good job.
> To Your Success,
> Mike Hingson
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> Greetings Fellow Californians and Leaders:
> 1The East Bay chapter of the NFBC (est. May 2010) is happy
> to report that we
> have started 2011 with a very successful board retreat,
> held yesterday in my
> home.  All of our board members were present. 
> Each of us pitched in to
> bring food items for the days meals and snacking.
> We started the day at 10 a.m. with brunch and spent the
> rest of the morning
> with Dr. Jernigan's _Blindness: Handicap or
> Characteristic?_, played an
> informative and fun NFB trivia game with a $5 Starbucks
> gift card going to
> our president, Jason Holloway, for answering the most
> questions correctly,
> and closing the morning with a Seth Godin video about
> leadership and
> spreading ideas (he comes from the marketing world and is
> sort of a hipper,
> more progressive answer to Zig Ziggler--I recommend
> searching for him on You
> Tube and watching a few of the many short videos there).
> We had a late lunch around 3 (scheduled for 2, but didn't
> get it in the oven
> to warm soon enough--a logistics lesson) and in the
> afternoon, we got more
> focused on the brass tacks of running our chapter for the
> coming year.  We
> listened to Diane Starin's piece on organizing a new
> chapter (Braille
> Monitor 3/1991) and Barbara Pierce's _Open Letter to New
> Chapter Presidents_
> (Braille Monitor 5/99).  In the discussion that
> folowed, we reflected on our
> accomplishments and strengths in our short but powerful
> history and listed
> some of the things we could improve upon.  We agreed
> that the basics,
> membership and fundraising, are our two priorities and
> should underlie
> everything we do.  We subsequently set two goals: 1)
> to double the number of
> dues-paying members from 10 to 20 by this time next year,
> and 2) to raise
> $500 to send an East Bay chapter member to Dallas in
> 2012.  In addition, we
> agreed to start with a 2-month lead time for event
> planning, since, despite
> the variety of great things we _have_ done, we have also
> had several false
> starts on projects that didn't launch due to inadequate
> lead time/planning.
> Next, on 3 by 5 cards and small pieces of paper, we all
> wrote down ideas for
> events and activities that we thought would be good for
> April 2011 to March
> 2012 and organized them by month on a large blank stretch
> of wall in the
> hallway.  As we each taped our ideas to the wall, we
> were able to read
> other's ideas and once they were all up, we went through,
> month by month,
> and agreed on a tenative event schedule for the next year,
> with the
> understanding that October to December will be
> action-packed (and we will be
> preparing for it from at least
> August) and the summer may be a little slower or different
> than usual with
> people out of town on vacation or going to national
> convention.
> The agenda was set for us to stop there for dinner and
> something fun like
> games or a movie, but brunch and lunch were heavier than I
> anticipated and
> no one was hungry (I anticipated an easy dinner, like
> ordering pizza) and we
> were about an hour behind schedule at that point, so, with
> everyone eager to
> go home and not miss connecting busses, we called it a
> day.
> We focus so much on fundraising, that it can be easy to
> lose sight of or
> take for granted the time and energy that we need to give
> to the Federation
> to make all this work--I can not express deeply enough my
> gratitude to my
> fellow board members for 100% attendance and whole-hearted,
> enthusiastic
> participation, when we all could have been doing any number
> of other things,
> particularly with the glorious California winter weather
> we've been having
> the past few days.  The investment they made in our
> chapter yesterday will
> make the coming year even more powerful and dynamic than
> our first 8 humble
> months as a chapter and I see an extremely vibrant future
> for the blind of
> the East Bay!
> Warm regards,
> --
> Serena Olsen, MAIPS
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> confidence they
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