[Nfbc-info] bill in Congress would allow SSI recipients to save more

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I'd like to tell this person, I'm totally blind and pay bills as well
and barely have enough to live on a month right now with SSI cutting
back and the fact that California's bank is broken. Feel free to share
your thoughts as well especially with economic crisis going on in our
nation and the fact that SSI from the SSA is and has been and will
continually decrease paychecks to those with disabilities and senior
citizens, due to the fact that we as a nation don't know how to
practice practicality and frugality, which is why I've been told a few
days ago twice in fact by one totally blind friend and my grandma who
is sighted, that the state of California is broke bankwise. Feel free
to add in the comment line. Something my friend said is this about SSI
and how and where it stands currently statuswise.
SSI is paid in 2 sums which = one check. Federal SSI pays their
apportionment or shared cost to a recipient. The state in turn also pays
their apportionment or shared cost to the recipient and that totals how much
a recipient gets for their monthly SSI payment. Well recently since
California has been not doing so well, California is unable to pay the
counties the state amount of SSI so in turn, everyone is getting hit hard
when state SSI pays a recipient. So as a result, we consumers are getting
nailed due to California's stupidity and all we can hope is for California
to either shape up or wait til we are out of state money and only get
federal sum.
As it stands right now, I have $649.11 and pay $600 for rent monthly
though that is probably going to have to change soon, however, after
this month's rent is deducted, I'll be one dollar short in paying my
Nelnet Student Loan, which I'm working on getting a switch from $50 to
$10 or whatever is reasonable on both their end and mine. Waiting for
them to respond to my email anyway, not all blind people are rich to
that person who really popped my vein. Sincerely Chela who is

On 7/5/11, ckrugman at sbcglobal.net <ckrugman at sbcglobal.net> wrote:
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> Bill In Congress Would Allow SSI Recipients To Save More
> By Shaun Heasley | June 14, 2011
> People with disabilities would be able to save up to $5,000 without risking
> their eligibility for Supplemental Security Income, or SSI, under a new bill
> proposed in Congress.
> The legislation introduced earlier this month would allow individuals to
> qualify for SSI even if they have as much as $5,000, while couples could
> bank up to $7,500 while still receiving benefits.
> That would more than double current limits which exclude individuals from
> the federal program if they have more than $2,000 to their names. Married
> couples are allowed up to $3,000 under existing law.
> Those behind the bill say that allowing individuals with disabilities to
> accrue greater savings will help encourage SSI recipients to pursue work and
> make it easier for some to eventually transition out of the program.
> "The asset limits and savings restrictions faced by many disabled Americans
> present a difficult choice between work and the loss of benefits. The SSI
> Savers Act would ease these restrictions and remove many of the
> disincentives that keep disabled citizens from greater participation in our
> economic life," said Rep. Tom Petri, R-Wis., who introduced the bill along
> with Rep. Niki Tsongas, D-Mass.
> The rules currently in place date back to 1989.
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> #1 Comment By ceresmary206 On June 15, 2011 @ 12:29 am
> You know, I never have understood why folks that are blind receive more
> money, are allowed to save more money and yet don't have the restrictions
> the rest of us must suffer under.It makes little sense and what's worse, (I
> could be wrong, but hey) is divisive amongst those with disabilities to a
> point; why do they get x and we don't.Let's see if this can put a stop to
> this unequal $$, for both earning, living, and cost of living amounts, eh?
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