[Nfbc-info] Great CABS Website!

DrV icdx at earthlink.net
Sun Jul 31 16:30:29 UTC 2011

Hi Angela,
I just took a look at the CABS website (www.nfbcal.org/cabs) - It looks
very nice! 
I noticed the "accessibility" link & visited it
(www.nfbcal.org/cabs/accessibility) - great description & info.
My older son is transitioning to high school this year & not all the
district websites & pages have been accessible. They are also going to be
piloting iPads in some of classes at the high school & the district will
be transitioning over the next few years more fully towards e-based
textbooks etc.
We are trying to be proactive & want our district to take into account
accessibility issues up front as they more forward with further
web-designs & as they move into the next phase of the electronic era.
I met with our new SELPA director last week to inform her of the New
Accessible Technology Guidelines recently highlighted in some US Dept of
Justice's & US Dept of Education joint letters & discuss how our SELPA
could help bring all the school districts in our area into compliance with
the regulations (For those who haven't read the guidelines, they are an
incredible read! The bar of expectations on school districts has been set
VERY high & I am sure few districts in the country would meet the
stringent requirements to be in compliance from an accessibly standpoint).
The CABS website really is exemplary & looks like a model website of what
is possible.
Who designed the website & who did you work with to assure both
accessibility & visual appeal?
Rather than having the district get frustrated with the realization of the
new guidelines & having to try to figure it out on their own, I would like
to be able to facilitate our district getting into compliance & it would
be awesome to be able to connect the web-designers with an individual or
group that knows how to do this well.
Again great job!
Eric Vasiliauskas

On 7/30/11 2:09 PM, "Angela Fowler" <fowlers at syix.com> wrote:

>Hello fellow federationists,
>    CABS is pleased to announce that our next membership call will be held
>next Sunday, August 7 at 5 PM. We will be discussing the NFBC scholarship
>program, as well as offering tips and advice on how to prepare for the
>upcoming school year.
>The call in number is 218-339-2500, and the pass code is 958093.
>The official flyer will be released shortly.
>See you Sunday,
>Angela Fowler (president)
>California Association of Blind Students
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