[Nfbc-info] Need Help in my project [participants needed]

Nancy Alajarmeh najarmeh at nmsu.edu
Mon Jun 27 18:36:29 UTC 2011

Good Afternoon,

This is Nancy Alajarmeh, a phd student at Computer Science dept- NMSU. I decided to contact you as you might help in a way in the project i am working on. The project aims at enhancing algebra manipulation for middle school level students that are visually impaired (allowing them to solve equations on computer). I have already designed and implemented some features in the system, and for that i want some participants in testing it. ( the development process is still at the beginning, the feedback will help enhancing later system development)
My question is: could you please (if you have any) give me some contact information for any visually impaired individuals that might participate in the testing process? you can also pass my contact information to them
Nancy Alajarmeh
najarmeh at nmsu.edu
By the way: the visually impaired doesn't necessarily have to be students at the time being, i would also be interested to have some of that are already done with school.
also the level of algebra should not be complex., it is basic level that students are required to solve linear equations.
your help is much appreciated

Kind Regards

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