[Nfbc-info] call for speakers for 2011 best in tech - please sharewith whom you think might be interested

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Where is that conference going to be?
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> The 3rd annual Best in Tech is fast approaching. It will be held on 
> Saturday
> November 12, 2011, at the same location as previous events, but please 
> note
> that the name of the hotel has changed to the Hilton Double Tree. We hope 
> to
> see all of you there again!
> One of the greatest things about The Best in Tech Conference is the
> opportunity to come and learn about the latest Assistive Technology
> solutions by way of presentations given by regular everyday users. In 
> other
> words, these presentations are not sales pitches from vendors or
> manufacturers who have a vested interest in getting you to buy a specific
> product. Our presenters are people like you and I who use these solutions 
> on
> a daily basis to live independent and productive lives.
> We are extending an invitation to anyone who wishes to be a speaker at 
> this
> year's Best in Tech. If you use Assistive Technology or have found a way 
> to
> use a non-A.T. product in a way that has increased your independence or
> productivity, if you enjoy talking tech and are comfortable speaking in
> front of large audiences, we want to hear from you.
> In an effort to make this years presentation even more interesting and
> maintain a more consistent flow, we ask that you plan on speaking about 
> the
> features and things you like about your device rather than relying on
> product demos. As we all know, our beloved technology has a tendency to 
> not
> always behave as expected. These little "glitches" tend to cause delays 
> that
> ultimately result in significant time loss over the course of a 2 hour
> presentation.
> If you would like to be a speaker at The Best in Tech 2011, please contact
> us at the email address below. Please tell us about yourself, your
> background, work, affiliations etc. Also, please describe the technology 
> you
> will be talking about in either an outline or a written sample of your
> presentation. If this is your first time speaking at this conference, we 
> may
> also ask you to submit an audio sample of your presentation so that our
> Planning committee can assess your speaking ability. You should plan to
> speak for about 8 minutes. That may seem like a long time, but it goes by
> much faster than you think. Make sure that your presentation includes an
> adequate description of the product, details about how this technology 
> helps
> you and why you feel that this technology is one of the best for 2011. You
> should also plan to be available after the main presentation to answer
> questions from participants and if possible give demonstrations of the
> technology you discussed. All applications must be submitted by no later
> than September 30, 2011.
> You can contact us at:
> nfbevents at gmail.com
> Please be sure to include a phone number and an email address where you 
> can
> be contacted.
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