[Nfbc-info] Scramble Pedestrian Intersections?

Fred's ol' XP regenerative at earthlink.net
Sat Aug 11 02:03:11 UTC 2012

Ya, thanks everyone for your feedback.
Being a coastal town with three lagoons, we are home to over 400-bird 
species during different times of year.  About a dozen are mimics, 
from parrots, to mynas, mockingbirds, ravens, etc.  The city has been 
experimenting with different audible pedestrian signals.  The Beach 
Cities Chapter spoke out against all bird call signals.  We spoke 
against most APS in-general.  And for the few intersections that 
could really use audible gadgets, we demanded the talking variety, 
that identify the intersection, and directional orientation.  Much of 
the older, denser, pedestrian-heavy parts of town are laid out on a 
grid pattern.  The coastline  runs Northwest to Southeast, so the 
grid is canted to that angle.  Our corners are Northeast, Northwest, 
Southwest, and Southeast.  I don't think we can come up with a 
uniform auditory rainbow for streetcorners nationwide or 
worldwide.  It would be fun to try, though!

Yes, so our APS talk, at this intersection.  Maybe they could 
announce, "Walk signs are on at all corners."  Then, to identify the 
particular corner, the machine could announce the name of the 
business on that corner?  They are the Ocean House, Royal Palms 
Liquor, Daily News Cafe, and Jay's Pizza & Seafood.

We'll let ya know what happens!
Fred, VP - Beach Cities Chapter, NFBC

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