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Chela Robles cdrobles693 at gmail.com
Mon Oct 1 01:24:19 UTC 2012

Hello all I am writing you to tell you about a very good experience I 
had this past week.
I took a free course at East Bay Works here in Concord, California and 
let me start by saying how nice everyone was toward me and how 
accommodating they were toward my need of letting me be able to use NVDA 
on my thumb drive with their computer system for the test on Friday.
They went above and beyond what Diablo Valley College did for me and 
that is truly amazing and should be awe-inspiring, now if only there 
were a way to rate them and give them a grade.
I took a customer service skills course in which you learn all about 
customer service. There were handouts and this nice gentleman who also 
took a liking to how I do stuff in class offered to be my reader for no 
charge at all, I was speechless but took his offer seriously since the 
handouts were handwritten, not good for scanning. Also I ran into a snag 
in the computer lab which was avoided when I suddenly discovered there 
weren't any speakers on the computer I was about to use, so I used the 
instructor's computer successfully for the test because the lab doesn't 
have speakers hooked up to their computers so it was again really kind 
of her to let me take the test on her computer trusting me to not 
destroy it though the computer was slow because it is an XP machine 
bought in 2000 she said. I also ran into a little snag where NVDA 
wouldn't read me the visual aids on the test, three were adds and one 
was a table/chart grid thing because the National Retail Foundation uses 
the castle testing environment that part wasn't accessible, but the 
questions were multiple choice and I was able to read everything else 
just fine so when it came to the stuff I couldn't read, I had asked 
someone to read it for me so I could answer the questions successfully. 
did I mention that there were 75 questions and only 90 minutes to do 
this test? I had 24 minutes left when I finished and looked at the 
screen and found out that I passed and for sure I thought I was just 
hearing things, so I asked my instructor to confirm what I was hearing 
was true, and she and I just about cried, we literally had tears of joy 
in our eyes and everyone stopped what they were doing I felt like 
everyone was cheering me on, me the trumpeter who thought she wouldn't 
be able to pass it, passed it for sure! So I'm now eagerly waiting for 
the National Retail Foundation to send me a certificate. In addition, I 
also received a certificate that shows I took the course, from Mt. 
Diablo Adult Education School.
God helped me due to many prayers and my studying paid off! I didn't 
even know East Bay Works existed until I called Mt. Diablo Adult 
Education School.
It was a great experience and is a great example what places like this 
can offer and how accommodating they can and should be.

"Passion is a great motivator. Music is a life-long learning experience."
Chela Robles
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