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Subject: Stop California from cutting access to blood glucose testing strips

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            Dear Charles L.,

            Access to blood glucose test strips is at risk for low-income Californians with diabetes. 

            The California Department of Health Care Services (DHCS), Medi-Cal Division, is proposing to restrict the number of blood glucose testing strips for beneficiaries from six test strips per day to five per day for those using insulin and to one per day for those not using insulin to treat their diabetes. This proposal is dangerous and California Advocates need to take action to halt it in its tracks. 

            Click here NOW to tell DHCS access to blood glucose testing strips is critical to diabetes management! The deadline to hear from us is THIS FRIDAY, so don't delay.

            Thank you for all that you do to Stop Diabetes®.


            Lisa Murdock
            California Advocacy Director
            American Diabetes Association

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