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Subject: Senator Meeting Request Follow Up




Hope your efforts to meet with your Senators during the recess are going
well.  Please remember to let me know if you are able to schedule a meeting
with either of your Senators.


Some of you have still not received an answer to their initial request, and
others have received a response that the Senator is not available.  In
either case, I have attached a draft letter for you to use to follow up on
your request for a meeting.  Do not forget to make the appropriate edits to
the draft by substituting your affiliate's information for the Baltimore,
Maryland information.  If you have not received a response from your initial
request, remove the following sentence from the draft letter before sending
it, "We have subsequently received a polite, yet disconcerting response
saying that your calendar is completely full and that you will be unable to
meet with us."  


If your Senator is still unable to meet with you, please take the meeting
with the staff person.  Remember to ask if they are willing to support an
amendment to strike section 511, and to remove the language transferring the
Rehabilitation Services Administration (RSA) to the U.S. Department of


Please contact me with any questions, and keep me posted on your progress.








Mr. Anil Lewis, M.P.A.

Director of Advocacy and Policy


"Eliminating Subminimum Wages for People with Disabilities" 




200 East Wells Street at Jernigan Place

Baltimore, Maryland   21230


(410) 659-9314 ext. 2374 (Voice)

(410) 685-5653 (FAX)

Email: alewis at nfb.org

Web: www.nfb.org

twitter: @anillife 


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