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Michael Hingson info at michaelhingson.com
Thu Aug 29 14:16:03 UTC 2013



Last Saturday I emailed about "Thunder Dog" being the Saturday Kindle Deal
of the Day and asked your help to move our book up the list.  Because of
your efforts I just received the following email from Thomas Nelson


"Hi, Michael!


We were just notified that your book hit the New York Times Bestseller List
again!  Congratulations! This is wonderful! Here are the two lists Thunder
Dog appears on:


#11 on the eBook Bestsellers List 

#22 on the Combined Print and Ebook Bestsellers List


Way to go! Hope you have a great night  :)"


As a final comment, I realize we are talking about Amazon here.  Amazon has
been consistent in its lack of ethics and proper concern about making its
products accessible to us.  At the same time, we are using Amazon to help
teach people throughout the world that blindness isn't the problem, but
rather the difficulty comes from the attitudes of people and companies like
Amazon.  I have no problem in using Amazon's own processes to move us toward
the time and place when Amazon will inevitably be forced to change its ways.


Again, thanks to all who purchased a copy of "Thunder Dog" last Saturday.
The two lists show that more than Amazon purchases moved us up the list.






Michael Hingson



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