[Nfbc-info] Is providing tutors or aids under the ADA for public colleges?

Kia Vaca chuyandkia at gmail.com
Sat Dec 7 07:32:17 UTC 2013

Hi Brandon,

As blind students, we are responsible for securing our own tutors or
aids. Although, in the past, some disabled students offices have
provided such benefits as aids and tutors, this is no longer the case
because of budget cuts.

Yes, we should have equal access to books and materials being utilized
in our classes; however, we need to take equal responsibility for
appropriating the necessary tools for successful completion of our
classes. If we wish to be on equal ground with our sighted
counterparts, in this case on the college level, then it is our
responsibility to find our own tutors for classes. Most departments
offer tutoring for all students who need it. I, myself, have gone to
get tutoring for various classes.

In terms of taking notes, recording our classes along with writing
them down is an option. If a professor writes on the board, you can
ask another classmate to take notes using NCR paper, thereby insuring
a copy for you and your classmate. Furthermore, you can also ask the
professor to e-mail you or provide you with a hard copy of his/her
notes. However, the professor is not, by any means, obligated or
required to give you their notes. If you approach them kindly, they
will be more likely to assist you.

Hope this helps.


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