[Nfbc-info] question about wearing sunglasses

Lauren Merryfield lauren1 at catliness.com
Mon Feb 11 10:39:52 UTC 2013

I know this may seem odd, but it would be interesting, and possibly helpful, to get some feedback about the pros and cons of blind people wearing sunglasses.  I know that a long time ago, Dr. Jernigan wrote a piece about it but I haven't been able to locate it.  

In my case, my original eyes were very weird--the right one was enlarged and purplish in color.  My left one was small and sunken in.  Kids used to comment on them or ask me about them.  As an adult, I wore sunglasses. 

 I eventually had both of my eyes removed due to very painful glaucoma.  So then I had pretty, blue eyes.  I had the unusual opportunity of choosing my eye color.  So I figured that meant I didn't need to wear sunglasses anymore.  I also felt kind of like I was hiding behind the sunglasses.  

But most of the time, my eyes are half-opened or half-closed, whichever way one wants to think about it--like the glass being half full or half empty.  Some people assume I am asleep, unapproachable, or withdrawn because my eyes are not wide opened.  

So now I am wondering if I ought to wear sunglasses again.  I could try it just to see if sighted people respond better to me or not.  

I know I do not have good eye contact and that seems to bother some sighted people.  

Well, there's some food for thought.  Yeah, I know, I always get back to the subject of food, hahaha.

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