[Nfbc-info] The nation's two preeminent blindness consumer groups adopt resolutions calling for changes in GDB's leadership

Michael Hingson info at michaelhingson.com
Mon Jul 15 20:11:07 UTC 2013



As you know the NFB adopted a resolution at our 2013 convention calling for
a change in leadership at GDB.  What you may not know is that last Thursday
the ACB also adopted a resolution also calling for change.  While the
Federation resolution is more firm in language in some areas both
organizations now are calling for the same thing.  Both organizations
independently, have come to the same conclusions about the way blind people
are being treated by GDB leadership.  This is significant.


The ball is in the court of GDB now.  We all hope that the GDB Board will
step up and improve leadership and thus the school's programs.  I am
attaching both resolutions for your consideration.  What the NFB and ACB are
doing is to work toward a better guide dog school and atmosphere.  These
resolutions will in no way damage the school so long as the current
leadership ceases its negative programs and the Board makes changes.


We need to keep up the visibility of concern.  Please get friends, family,
and others to visit
y> &r_by and sign the petition there.  Thanks. 






Michael Hingson


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