[Nfbc-info] medical update

Rob rcubfank at sbcglobal.net
Thu Jul 18 22:19:23 UTC 2013

Hello all. 

Today, I had three doctor’s appointments schedulled. 

First, my eye (bettger yet, my cornia) is much better. It should clear completely up in about two weeks. 

I then went to the neuro sergeon. The infection in my incision of my left leg is clearing up slowly. ALso, the surgery itself is slowly healing. The doctor restated to me that the nerve was very compressed before he did the surgery. He then said that the soar on the front of my leg needed to be delt with by a wound care center. 

I am going there tomorrow. This cancelled the third appt with the foot doctor who wrapped the leg last week. 

More to come later. 


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