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Thu Jun 13 17:53:29 UTC 2013

I am pleased to announce our newest chapter.  Below, you will see a message 
from the President, Rick Watson.  If you know anyone living in the Yolo 
County or Solano County, please forward this message to them and invite them 
to join us at the next chapter meeting.
Mary Willows
Please donate to Braille Enrichment for Learning & Literacy (BELL) by 
sending your tax deductible donation to:

National Federation of the Blind of California (NFBC)
3934 Kern Court
Pleasanton, CA 94588

Thank you!
Mary Willows, President NFBC
mwillows at sbcglobal.net
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Subject: NFBC Canes and Tails Chapter

> Hello All,
>  Welcome to the Canes and Tails Chapter.  I would like to thank all of you 
> for your vote of confidence.  We are fortunate that we are at the ground 
> level; we have the opportunity to build a great Chapter.  One person 
> cannot do this job alone, we need to work together.  I believe we will be 
> the standard by which the rest of the Chapters are measured.
> I am asking for help in finding a new and permanent meeting place, 
> preferably downtown, close to the train station, and at low or no cost. 
> There are approximately twelve of us at the present time.
>  We have a facebook page, please look us up, like us, and post a bio of 
> yourself. Please let me know about any topics you all want to discuss 
> during the meetings, by the way, our next meeting is July 16,2013 at The 
> Bistro in Davis, located at the corner of 3rd and F.
> I know that some of you are going to National Convention, have a safe and 
> fun trip; I hope you enjoy the festivities.  Please look up my friend 
> Jimmy Boerhm at the Tennessee Table.
> I am looking forward to serving you all and to seeing you all again in 
> July,
> Rick Watson
> 707-673-7837 

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