[Nfbc-info] Information Needed : San Jose Vision Services

Sanjay Choudhary choudhary01 at gmail.com
Wed May 15 03:28:50 UTC 2013

Our son Raghav Choudhary is 7th grade student who gets vision services in
regular school in Howard county, Maryland. He has some vision in his one eye
and he prefers to read large print(40 size fonts). I got a job in San Jose
area and looking for  house in Evergreen School District in south San Jose.
I talked to special education department in Evergreen school district and
learned that they don't support students with special needs in regular
classroom. They place students  in private school.
Does anybody has any experience with private schools for special needs
student in this area ?

We will really appreciate if we get the student/parents perspective on
special education services available in south San Jose area. This will help
us make right decision.
Thanks in advance.

Sanjay and Chitra

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