[Nfbc-info] registering for convention

Angela Fowler fowlers at syix.com
Sun Sep 8 22:09:17 UTC 2013

Hello folks,

                This is just a reminder to register online for the NFBC
State Convention coming up on October 11-13 in Sacramento. The cost for all
events is $100 if you register online. However, if you purchase tickets at
the door it will be $125, a considerable incentive not to procrastinate. 

                One of the events which you can pay for during registration
is the CABS Saturday luncheon. Yes, we're doing something a little different
this year, holding our annual meeting over a delicious lunch catered by the
fine folks at the convention hotel. You have to grab lunch anyway, so why
not save yourself that long wait at the restaurant and break bread with us?
$20 gets you a seat and something to eat, and no waiting around or rushing
around to find food. The link to register for all convention activities is:




                As DAN has always done, we will be collecting dues at the
door during the course of our meeting. Dues are $5. We recommend however
that you use our online registration form found at the link below..



You can use your PayPal account to pay your dues online, and your
information will be immediately entered into our door prize drawing. Better
still, you will not be distracted during our exciting and informative
presentations by the need to search for that $5 bill you knew you had

                So purchase your ticket during your convention registration,
pay your dues using your PayPal account, then on Convention Saturday, right
after the close of morning General Session, come on in, take your seats, and
enjoy a fine meal and an exciting and informative meeting. 

See you in Sacramento!

Angela Fowler

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