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Hello Federationists,
I wanted to follow-up with everybody about our efforts to urge the FCC to
make e-readers accessible under the Twenty-First Century Communications and
Video Accessibility Act by rejecting the Coalition of E-Reader
Manufacturer's Petition for Waiver.  I know many of you had problems opening
the attachments that I sent in my original email, which included our
official comments and a skeleton letter.  When we got word of these
glitches, Valerie Yingling and our Access Technology Team acted fast to
re-circulate the message.  I know the second method of transmission was
still slightly problematic, but we were pressed for time and hopeful it
would be enough for our members.  Sure enough - it was!  We got a whopping
125 letters by the deadline, and we submitted each and every one to the FCC.
This is a very strong number, and I am continually impressed by the strength
of our grassroots movement.  We also got 22 additional organizations of and
for people with print disabilities to sign on to the official NFB comments.

Our advocacy has paid off.  Within 24 hours of submitting our comments and
your letters, the FCC called Dr. Maurer requesting an in-person follow up
meeting!  We are coordinating with representatives of the other groups and
hope to have a meeting in two weeks.  If the FCC does reject the petition,
it will be a direct result of your letters and our collective action.
Please stay tuned to find out if the FCC makes the right decision.  
Lauren McLarney
Government Affairs Specialist
200 East Wells St.
Baltimore, MD 21230
(410) 659 9314 ext. 2207
lmclarney at nfb.org

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