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Fellow Federationists:

       I am writing to provide you with an update on our efforts to expand
the Space Available program to those individuals who have become one-hundred
percent disabled as a result of their military service to the United States.
As you know, the House included our language, HR 164, in its version of the
National Defense Authorization Act, which was passed in June.  We are still
waiting for the Senate to consider its version of the defense bill at this

Senator Tester of Montana, the Sponsor of S. 346, has told us that he plans
to offer S. 346 as an amendment when the Senate begins to consider the
defense bill.  I am asking you to contact your Senator and urge them to join
as a cosponsor of S. 346; building additional cosponsor support will signal
to Senate leadership that this legislation should be considered as part of
the Defense Authorization Act. 

Currently S. 346 has eighteen cosponsors.  As more information becomes
available on the Senate schedule, I will pass it along to you.  Below you
will find a list of Senate contacts information for this issue.  If your
Senator is not listed as a cosponsor please contact the legislative staff
person listed, and urge them to join in support of disabled veterans.  

Thank you very much for the work you have done on this issue to this point.
We are very close to achieving this legislative priority, and one final
Federation push should get us there.  Jesse



1.      <http://www.ilru.org/html/publications/directory/alabama.html>

a.     Sessions, Jeff 

                                               i.     Legislative Assistant:
T. Finch Fulton, 202-224-4124

b.     Shelby, Richard C.

                                               i.     Legislative Director:
Kevin Kane, 202-224-5744

2.      <http://www.ilru.org/html/publications/directory/alaska.html> Alaska

a.     Begich, Mark

                                               i.     Legislative Assistant:
Diane DiSanto, 202-224-3004

b.     Murkowski, Lisa

                                               i.     Senior
Counsel/Legislative Assistant: Nathan S. Bergerbest, 202-224-6665

3.      <http://www.ilru.org/html/publications/directory/arizona.html>

a.     Flake, Jeff

                                               i.     Legislative Assistant:
Colleen M. (Gilbert) Donnelly, 202-224-4521

b.     McCain, John

                                               i.     Legislative
Correspondent: Elizabeth "Liz" Lopez, 202-224-2235

4.      <http://www.ilru.org/html/publications/directory/arkansas.html>

a.     Boozman, John

                                               i.     Senior Legislative
Assistant: Zachary "Zach" Hartman, 202-224-4843

b.     Pryor, Mark L.

                                               i.     Military Fellow: Mike
Hallinan, 202-224-2353

5.      <http://www.ilru.org/html/publications/directory/california.html>

a.     Boxer, Barbara

                                               i.     Defense Legislative
Fellow: Nicole Stoneburg, 202-224-3553

b.     Feinstein, Dianne

                                               i.     Legislative Assistant:
Christopher "Chris" Gaspar, 202-224-3841

6.      <http://www.ilru.org/html/publications/directory/colorado.html>

a.     Bennet, Michael F. - COSPONSOR

b.     Udall, Mark

                                               i.     Military Legislative
Assistant: Christopher "Casey" Howard, 202-224-5941

7.      <http://www.ilru.org/html/publications/directory/connecticut.html>

a.     Blumenthal, Richard

                                               i.     Legislative Aide:
Jenna Spinks, 202-224-2823

b.     Murphy, Christopher

                                               i.     Legislative Director:
David Bonine, 202-224-4041

8.      <http://www.ilru.org/html/publications/directory/delaware.html>

a.     Carper, Thomas R.

                                               i.     Legislative Assistant:
Harlan Geer, 202-224-2441

b.     Coons, Christopher A.

                                               i.     Legislative Assistant:
Sherman Patrick, 202-224-5042

9.      <http://www.ilru.org/html/publications/directory/florida.html>

a.     Nelson, Bill

                                               i.     Assistant to the
Legislative Director/Legislative Correspondent: Grant Williams, 202-224-5274

b.     Rubio, Marco

                                               i.     Legislative Aide:
Hampton Ray, 202-224-3041

10.   <http://www.ilru.org/html/publications/directory/georgia.html> Georgia

a.     Chambliss, Saxby - COSPONSOR

b.     Isakson, Johnny

                                               i.     Legislative
Assistant/Legislative Correspondent: Ryan K. Evans, 202-224-3643

11.   <http://www.ilru.org/html/publications/directory/hawaii.html> Hawaii

a.     Hirono, Mazie K.

                                               i.     Legislative Assistant:
Adam Tanga, 202-224-6361

b.     Schatz, Brian - COSPONSOR


12.   <http://www.ilru.org/html/publications/directory/idaho.html> Idaho

a.     Crapo, Mike

                                               i.     Legislative Aide:
Sierra Forbes, 202-224-6142

b.     Risch, James E.

                                               i.     Legislative Assistant:
Daniel S. "Dan" Murray, 202-224-2752

13.   <http://www.ilru.org/html/publications/directory/illinois.html>

a.     Durbin, Richard J.

                                               i.     Legislative Assistant:
Robert Thomas "Rob" Leonard, 202-224-2152

b.     Kirk, Mark

                                               i.     Military Legislative
Assistant: Brandon Greene, 202-224-2854

14.   <http://www.ilru.org/html/publications/directory/indiana.html> Indiana

a.     Coats, Daniel

                                               i.     Military Legislative
Assistant: James "Jim" Dolbow, 202-224-5623

b.     Donnelly, Joe

                                               i.     Military Legislative
Assistant: Marta Lyn McLellan Ross, 202-224-4814

15.   <http://www.ilru.org/html/publications/directory/iowa.html> Iowa

a.     Grassley, Chuck

                                               i.     Legislative Assistant:
James Rice, 202-224-3744

b.     Harkin, Tom

                                               i.     Legislative Assistant:
Joseph Jones, 202-224-3254

16.   <http://www.ilru.org/html/publications/directory/kansas.html> Kansas

a.     Moran, Jerry

                                               i.     Legislative Assistant:
Caroline Prosch, 202-224-6521

b.     Roberts, Pat

                                               i.     Senior National Policy
Advisor: M. Theda Owens, 202-224-4774

17.   <http://www.ilru.org/html/publications/directory/kentucky.html>

a.     McConnell, Mitch

                                               i.     Legislative Director:
Reb Brownell, 202-224-2541

b.     Paul, Rand

                                               i.     Military Legislative
Aide: Brett King, 202-224-4343

18.   <http://www.ilru.org/html/publications/directory/louisiana.html>

a.     Landrieu, Mary L. - COSPONSOR

b.     Vitter, David

                                               i.     Legislative Assistant:
Josh Hodges, 202-224-4623

19.   <http://www.ilru.org/html/publications/directory/maine.html> Maine

a.     Collins, Susan M.

                                               i.     Legislative
Correspondent: Jill Carney, 202-224-2523

b.     King, Angus S., Jr.

                                               i.     Military Legislative
Assistant: LTC Stephan M. Smith, USA (Ret) 202-224-5344

20.   <http://www.ilru.org/html/publications/directory/maryland.html>

a.     Cardin, Benjamin L. - COSPONSOR

b.     Mikulski, Barbara A.

                                               i.     Legislative Assistant:
Stephan "Steve" Ham, 202-224-4654


21.   <http://www.ilru.org/html/publications/directory/massachusetts.html>

a.     Markey, Edward J.

                                               i.     Legislative Director:
Joseph Wender, 202-224-2742

b.     Warren, Elizabeth

                                               i.     Economic Development
Director and Senior Advisor: Bruno Freitas, 202-224-4543

22.   <http://www.ilru.org/html/publications/directory/michigan.html>

a.     Levin, Carl

                                               i.     Legislative
Correspondent: Ben Brenner, 202-224-6221

b.     Stabenow, Debbie

                                               i.     Legislative Assistant:
Jason LaGosh, 202-224-4822

23.   <http://www.ilru.org/html/publications/directory/minnesota.html>

a.     Franken, Al

                                               i.     Legislative Director:
Jeff Lomonaco, 202-224-5641

b.     Klobuchar, Amy - COSPONSOR


24.   <http://www.ilru.org/html/publications/directory/mississippi.html>

a.     Cochran, Thad

                                               i.     Legislative Director:
Adam Telle, 202-224-5054

b.     Wicker, Roger F.

                                               i.     Legislative Assistant:
Joseph G. "Joe" Lai, 202-224-6253

25.   <http://www.ilru.org/html/publications/directory/missouri.html>

a.     Blunt, Roy - COSPONSOR

b.     McCaskill, Claire

                                               i.     Legislative Assistant:
Jason Rauch, 202-224-6154

26.   <http://www.ilru.org/html/publications/directory/montana.html> Montana

a.     Baucus, Max - COSPONSOR

b.     Tester, Jon - SPONSOR

27.   <http://www.ilru.org/html/publications/directory/nebraska.html>

a.     Fischer, Deb

                                               i.     Military Legislative
Assistant: Peter Schirtzinger, 202-224-6551

b.     Johanns, Mike

                                               i.     Director of Military
Affairs: MajGen Roger Lempke, ANG (Ret), 202-224-4224

28.   <http://www.ilru.org/html/publications/directory/nevada.html> Nevada

a.     Heller, Dean - COSPONSOR

b.     Reid, Harry

                                               i.     Senior Policy
Advisor/Director of Appropriations: Robert T. "Bob" Herbert, 202-224-3542

29.   <http://www.ilru.org/html/publications/directory/newHampshire.html>
New Hampshire

a.     Ayotte, Kelly

                                               i.     National Security
Advisor: Bradley Brad Bowman, 202-224-3324

b.     Shaheen, Jeanne

                                               i.     Legislative Assistan:
Joel Whitcomb Colony, 202-224-2841

30.   <http://www.ilru.org/html/publications/directory/newJersey.html> New

a.     Chiesa, Jeff

                                               i.     Counsel: Nick DiRocco,

b.     Menedez, Robert

                                               i.     Legislative Assistant:
Justin Field, 202-224-4744

31.   <http://www.ilru.org/html/publications/directory/newMexico.html> New

a.     Heinrich, Martin

                                               i.     Senior Legislative
Assistant: Sandra Wilkniss, 202-224-5521

b.     Udall, Tom

                                               i.     Legislative Assistant:
Matthew "Matt" Padilla, 202-224-6621

32.   <http://www.ilru.org/html/publications/directory/newYork.html> New

a.     Gillibrand, Kirsten E. - COSPONSOR

b.     Schumer, Charles E.

                                               i.     Legislative Assistant:
John H. Jones, 202-224-6542

33.   <http://www.ilru.org/html/publications/directory/northCarolina.html>
North Carolina

a.     Burr, Richard

                                               i.     Senior Policy Advisor
for Military and Defense: Brooks Tucker, 202-224-3154

b.     Hagan, Kay R.

                                               i.     Legislative Assistant,
Chris Cannon, 202-224-6342

34.   <http://www.ilru.org/html/publications/directory/northDakota.html>
North Dakota

a.     Heitkamp, Heidi - COSPONSOR

b.     Hoeven, John

                                               i.     Health Counsel: Ingrid
Sell, 202-224-2551

35.   <http://www.ilru.org/html/publications/directory/ohio.html> Ohio

a.     Brown, Sherrod - COSPONSOR

b.     Portman, Rob

                                               i.     Legislative Assistant:
CAPT Brent Bombach, USN (Ret), 202-224-3353

36.   <http://www.ilru.org/html/publications/directory/oklahoma.html>

a.     Coburn, Tom

                                               i.     Legislative Assistant:
Jabari White, 202-224-5754

b.     Inhofe, James M.

                                               i.     Legislative
Assistant/Counsel: Joel E. Starr, 202-224-4721

37.   <http://www.ilru.org/html/publications/directory/oregon.html> Oregon

a.     Merkley, Jeff - COSPONSOR

b.     Wyden, Ron - COSPONSOR

38.   <http://www.ilru.org/html/publications/directory/pennsylvania.html>

a.     Casey, Robert P., Jr.

                                               i.     Legislative Assistant:
Gillian Mueller, 202-224-6324

b.     Toomey, Patrick J.

                                               i.     Legislative Aide: LTC
Daniel J. "Dan" Adelstein, USA (Ret), 202-224-4254

39.   <http://www.ilru.org/html/publications/directory/rhodeIsland.html>
Rhode Island

a.     Reed, Jack

                                               i.     Military Legislative
Assistant: Carolyn A. Chuhta, 202-22-4642

b.     Whitehouse, Sheldon

                                               i.     Senior National
Security Policy Advisor: Lacy Dwyer, 202-224-2921

40.   <http://www.ilru.org/html/publications/directory/southCarolina.html>
South Carolina

a.     Graham, Lindsey

                                               i.     Military Legislative
Assistant: LtCol Craig R. Abele, USMC, 202-224-5972

b.     Scott, Tim

                                               i.     Legislative
Correspondent: William Holloway, 202-224-6121

41.   <http://www.ilru.org/html/publications/directory/southDakota.html>
South Dakota

a.     Johnson, Tim - COSPONSOR

b.     Thune, John

                                               i.     Military Legislative
Assistant/Legislative Counsel: John G. Kachtik, 202-224-2321

42.   <http://www.ilru.org/html/publications/directory/tennessee.html>

a.     Alexander, Lamar         

                                               i.     Legislative Assistant:
Erin Reif, 202-224-4944

b.     Corker, Bob

                                               i.     Legislative Assistant:
Stacie Oliver, 202-224-3344

43.   <http://www.ilru.org/html/publications/directory/texas.html> Texas

a.     Cornyn, John

                                               i.     Legislative Assistant:
David R. "Dave" Hanke, 202-224-2934

b.     Cruz, Ted

                                               i.     Military Legislative
Assistant: Jeremy Hayes, 202-224-5922

44.   <http://www.ilru.org/html/publications/directory/utah.html> Utah

a.     Hatch, Orrin G.

                                               i.     Military Legislative
Assistant: Doug Dynes, 202-224-5251

b.     Lee, Mike

                                               i.     Legislative Director:
Wendy Baig, 202-224-5444

45.   <http://www.ilru.org/html/publications/directory/vermont.html> Vermont

a.     Leahy, Patrick J.

                                               i.     Legislative Assistant:
Greg Cota, 202-224-4242

b.     Sanders, Bernard

                                               i.     Chief of Staff:
Michaeleen E. Crowell, 202-224-5141

46.   <http://www.ilru.org/html/publications/directory/virginia.html>

a.     Kaine, Tim

                                               i.     Legislative Assistant:
Karen Courington, 202-224-4024

b.     Warner, Mark R.

                                               i.     Legislative
Correspondent: Laura Shen, 202-224-2023

47.   <http://www.ilru.org/html/publications/directory/washington.html>

a.     Cantwell, Maria - COSPONSOR

b.     Murray, Patty - COSPONSOR

48.   <http://www.ilru.org/html/publications/directory/westVirginia.html>
West Virginia

a.     Manchin, Joe - COSPONSOR

b.     Rockefeller, John D., IV

                                               i.     Legislative
Assistant/Counsel: Sarah E. Shive, 202-224-6472

49.   <http://www.ilru.org/html/publications/directory/wisconsin.html>

a.     Baldwin, Tammy

                                               i.     Legislative Assistant:
Jonathan Morgenstein, 202-224-5653

b.     Johnson, Ron

                                               i.     Legislative Director:
Lydia C. (Morgan) Westlake, 202-224-5323

50.   <http://www.ilru.org/html/publications/directory/wyoming.html> Wyoming

a.     Barrasso, John

                                               i.     Legislative Assistant:
Charles C. Ziegler, IV, 202-224-6441

b.     Enzi, Michael B.

                                               i.     Legislative Assistant:
Darrin Munoz, 202-224-3424




Jesse Hartle

National Federation of the Blind

Government Programs Specialist

Phone: 410-659-9314, Ext. 2233

Email: jhartle at nfb.org

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