[Nfbc-info] another youtube question

Brandon Keith Biggs brandonkeithbiggs at gmail.com
Mon Sep 16 22:42:11 UTC 2013

I'm not sure who told you copying and pasting the YouTube links weren't 
a good idea because that is how YouTube does it, so in a way copying and 
pasting the YouTube link is the only way to do it.
There are fancy ways to show links, but that has nothing to do with youtube.
The only thing that has to do with youtube is privacy. If the video you 
are talking about is posted by you, you can do 3 things
as seen here <https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/157177?hl=en>
You can make it public, unlisted or private.
The only time I would use the send option inside Youtube is if you are 
sharing with other Youtube buddies, or you are doing something with a 
private video. But I'm not pro enough to tell you how to use the private 
option. I only use unlisted and public links because they are the most 
user friendly. You just hit f6 in Firefox and f4 in IE and copy the link 
to those videos and you can send that link to people.
That is the only way I've ever seen it done, that is the fastest way to 
do it and there is nothing wrong with sharing YouTube videos that way.
If you wish to have different things happen with your link like have the 
person be able to play it from a website without going to YouTube that 
is a different story, but for everyday use, copying and pasting is what 
should be done.

Brandon Keith Biggs

On 9/16/2013 2:58 PM, Rob Kaiser wrote:
> Hello all. Last week, I posted a question as to how I can better send things on youtube. Someone told be to go tot he the share button. From there, how do I get to a spot to send an email? When I clidk the share button, I can find an eddit box with somehting in it. It gives me the option to check something. When I click the edit box, it opens a facebook window.
> If someone could please help me, I would appreciate it. I have been told that coppying and pasting the youtube link isn’t a good idea.
> Thanks.
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