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Taken from http://www.digitaljournal.com/article/359097


- Amazon has provided minimal accessibility in the development of their
previous Kindle devices. For the first time a Kindle device will have built
in accessibility for a number of disabilities


The All-new Kindle Fire HDX 7" tablet will have built in accessibility
features for the visually impaired, hearing impaired, and the mobility
impaired as soon as users obtain the device.

In the past Amazon has incorporated minimal accessibility solutions that
weren't full access solutions to the many disabled consumers that used the
device but this new kindle Fire will incorporate settings and software to
make the seven inch tablet fully accessible out of the box.

According to Amazon's accessibility page for the device here are a number of
new features to make the device accessible for people with disabilities. 

Some of the highlights include: a built-in screen reader from Ivona Text to
Speech for blind users, a screen magnifier with high contrast options for
low vision users, closed captioning and stereo to mono for hearing impaired
users, and Bluetooth keyboard navigation for users that would have trouble
using gestures on the screen.

This new Kindle fire will also have accessible user guides that detail how
to use the accessibility tools on the Kindle Fire in an on-device
Accessibility User Guide. The guide will provide helpful instructions and
tips for using accessibility tools with the different features on your
Kindle Fire.

The new version of their 7-inch tablet will not be available until October
18, but you can pre-order it today.




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