[Nfbc-info] 2014 April Bulletin

Brian Buhrow buhrow at nfbcal.org
Sun Apr 6 06:57:14 UTC 2014

	hello Mary et al.  The size of the bulletin, when pasted into the text
of an e-mail message, bears no relation to the font size used to display
or print it.  Whether the document prints as 3 pages in 12 point type and 5
pages in 16 point type, makes no difference when you paste the plain
ASCII text of the document into the body of an e-mail message.  My
suggestion is to set the Microsoft Word document  up so that if someone
prints it from Word, it prints in 16 point type, as you've been doing, but
paste the plain text of the document, that's plain ASCII without any font
specifications, embedded HTML, etc. into the body of the message containing
the MS Word attachment and call it done.  Those folks who want to read the
ASCII with their screen readers will be able to do so from the mail
program.  Those people wh want large print copies on paper or on their
screen will be able to open the Word document and read it as they like.

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