[Nfbc-info] sorry for the missunderstanding

Kevan Worley kevanworley at blindmerchants.org
Thu Apr 17 15:03:59 UTC 2014

Greetings Rob and colleagues,

It was not an unreasonable misunderstanding. It is reasonable to have qualms
about the way material is sometimes presented about blind folks. I knew that
the company had done extensive research on the matter. I knew that they had
interviewed our Federation folks, and have conducted focus groups at
national conventions. Still, I have found some of their advertisements at
least somewhat troubling. For the most part I don't  think this is their
fault. As I reflect on it, I think some of it is my own insecurity about
what is said concerning blindness. I happen not to believe that non-24 hour
sleep disorder is the big deal they proclaim it to be. That said, my
understanding is that their research is sound. I have observed some blind
folks who struggle mightily with sleep rhythms. On the other hand, I know
plenty of sighted insomniacs. I suppose it is difficult to sort myth and
misconception from reality. I also can be over sensitive when it comes to
the way folks who share my physical characteristic of blindness are
portrayed. If 45 percent of human resource managers at fortune 500 companies
indicate their reluctance to hire blind folks, and list numerous reasons for
their reluctance, most of which are based on misconceptions, then I
certainly do not want to add an additional reason. In other words, now they
might think "well gosh, not only do we have to spend extra on technology,
get someone to lead her to the bathroom, deal with the fact that the blind
take extra sick days, help them cut their meat at a luncheon, teach them
their way around the building. But, now we have to worry that they might
drift off and sleep half the day away." Anyway, it occurs to me that I
should not be so over sensitive about every little thing that is said about
blindness, particularly if that thing might actually be true and may
actually help some folks.

Just some random thoughts from me. I have enjoyed spending quite a bit of
time in California over the past few months. And I have had little trouble
staying awake. 

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Sorry for the misunderstanding about Non24. I should have done more research
about this before I sturred up a can of worms. Thank you for all of the
responses on both listserves. 

I goofed again. 

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