[Nfbc-info] You Can Do It Too During Your Lunch

Lisamaria Martinez lmartinez217 at gmail.com
Fri Apr 25 19:16:55 UTC 2014


I'm sitting here eating a delicious bowl of potato leek soup and
decided to donate to our Imagination campaign. Remember that email
Mary sent out a few days ago saying we needed to raise $1000? Well,
when I texted the word future to 71777 I saw that we only had $50
toward our $1000 goal. so I donated $200. It's super simple and now
we're a quarter of the way there.

Can you help California make change by taking 3 minutes out of your
lunch to text the word future to 71777?

If you would rather click on a link go to:


There's only 36 days left and a contribution of $25 can help buy a
cane for a person new to blindness. So, whip out your cellphones and
laptops and donate $25 today!

Most sincerely,
And a little less hungry now,

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