[Nfbc-info] opportunity to contribute to positive change in San Diego.

Lisa Irving peacefulwoman89 at cox.net
Sun Aug 3 07:37:06 UTC 2014

Hello All, 



San Diego's blind and visually impaired bus riders need your help to change
what may be a common practice used by some of the Metropolitan Transit
System, (MTS), bus drivers. Some cane and guide dog users have complained
that bus drivers say that there's no more room on the bus. Typically, that
proves not to be the case when guide dog users and cane users respectfully
challenge the driver's claims. 



I would like to hear from at least ten to fifteen blind and visually
impaired San Diego bus riders that have been told the bus was full and
discovered otherwise. . It is crucial that the majority of these individuals
is or were a guide dog handler when the alleged discrimination occurred.  



Additionally, I am seeking blind and visually impaired as well as sighted
witnesses. Local residents, visitors, military, high school and college
students can also be witnesses or the passenger alleging the practice.  



You may E-mail or mail your story about the experience(s) to the addresses
listed below. For the first paragraph include; your first and last name.
State if you use a cane, are a guide dog handler and are a witness. {Blind
or sighted}. Next, list the date, bus route number, address and time you
attempted to board the bus or witnessed the passenger   attempting to enter
the bus. If you know the internal bus route number or the driver's name and
what the driver looked like please include if known. 



The second paragraph should include     the following details; contact
information for any witnesses. State if you have any of the following
supporting documentation? Video, photos and text messages. Have you kept
E-mail or hard copy communications between you and MTS Customer Service or
federal transportation agencies? Please do NOT attach or mail any of this
documentation at this time.  



The third and subsequent paragraphs should include fact-based statements
that describe why you concluded that the MTS bus driver told you that the
bus was full? Also, use facts to explain why you concluded that the bus was
not full to the extent that you were able to stand behind the yellow line or
sit any place on the bus. 



Lastly, describe the availability of seating in the Disabled/Senior/Medicare
section of the bus on the day/evening you were told the bus was too full.
Did the bus driver request passengers in that area to move? Where there any
objects blocking seats or protruding in the isle? On the day/evening that
the alleged incident occurred were the announced stops clear and audible?
Would automated announcements enable you to sit or stand in the back section
of the bus whether or not the bus is full? 



Please be sure to include in the Subject Box, "San Diego bus". E-mails not
containing this subject title will automatically be deleted. When writing
out your experience, or if you are assisting the person by writing please
create a heading and page break for each experience. Please run spellcheck.
Send your experience to: lirving1117 at cox.net. Please forward this


On behalf of the NFBC, San Diego Chapter I would like to thank you a
thousand times over for giving of your time, deciding to be a part of a
collective voice and for helping blind and visually impaired San Diego bus





Lisa Irving, NFBC, San Diego Chapter President

Lirving1117 at cox.net  

Mailing Address:

NFBCSDC, P. O. Box 15244

San Diego, CA 92175

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