Ramona Longoria ramona.longoria at gmail.com
Mon Aug 18 01:58:25 UTC 2014

Hello to all!!!

The Escondido Chapter will be having a Fundraiser with our sponsor, the San
Diego Padres .  The game will be PADRES against the GIANTS on September
20th, at Petco Stadium.  The cost will be $24.00, which will include your
Admission, Hot Dog, Soda and a BOBBLEHEAD!!!!!  Federationist we have our
goal to teach Braille for those that are visually impaired, blind and for
those that are sighted and have an interest to learn.  We will be ordering
our braille books, tools and also books for our instructors through our
National Federation of the Blind.  Our goals come with being positive, and
the desire to care and teach our blind community.  If you can't come,
please keep us in your prayers and thoughts.  We are truly excited about
our venture.

I would also like to say" Thank you" to my fellow Federationist.  I know
that we ALL participate , and do what we can because we care about each
other and the blind community. We don't have all the answers, or know where
to begin sometimes, but we do, because we truly care.
" A Federationist for Forever"
Escondido Chapter

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