[Nfbc-info] new California dog law

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Sat Aug 23 15:59:07 UTC 2014

Hi Lisa, and all,

As long as the pet dogs, and fake service 
dogs  are well behaved and groomed, I've got no 
problems.  A few months ago, during our local 
wildfires, every bar, pub, café, restaurant, 
sidewalk, etc had evacuees with their dogs.  I 
only remember one superfriendly dog that got 
loose, and tried to meet as many other dogs before it was wrangled back.

I do have a problem with ill-mannered dogs on 
public transit.  One fake service dog was a 
frequent problem, until we shared a walk to the 
same bus stop.  Now the dog doesn't bother my 
guide dog.  I reminded the gal that dogs want to 
work, and love to do the right thing.  I told the 
handler of the fake dog that she can train her 
dog not to react or vocalize when it sees other 
dogs, and  suggested a training book like “Dogs 
for Dummies.”  Also suggested that if she can’t 
train her dog herself, she can find a trainer, or simply retire  her dog.

Remember:  If you don’t train your dog, your dog will train you.

Fred, in Carlsbad

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