[Nfbc-info] California community service division organizing dream team.

Darian Smith dsmithnfb at gmail.com
Wed Aug 27 03:35:52 UTC 2014

 a couple of weeks ago I had sent out a note gaging interest in a  National Federation of the Blind of California  Community Service Division.
 Since that call I received  positive responses from people who thought it was a good idea, many of those responses wanting to know more.
 Tomorrow  at 6p.m. we will  have a call to talk about what this division (based upon the     national division is, what it can do with committed Californians, what it will take to organize it, and how/when the formal organizing will take  place (hint, have you pre-registered for state convention?).
   )       this call is for anyone who is really interested/excited in the concept, wants more  information, and wants to know how they can bring something fresh, exciting and historic to NFBC.
 Can’t make the call?
 no problem!
 just  shoot me an e-mail at dsmithnfb at gmail.com 
  Now, what about the call-in information? Well.. never thought you’d ask:
 (712)432-0140. code: 808277
 We’ll start right at 6p.m. and we’ll try to keep  the  call to about half an hour.
  Talk to ya’ll then!

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