[Nfbc-info] San Diego & Pathfinders Holiday Party Highlights

Lisa Irving peacefulwoman89 at cox.net
Mon Dec 15 18:07:03 UTC 2014

Hello All, 


Here are some highlights about the S. D. Chapter Holiday Party that took
place on Saturday, December 13. Santa Clause hats-off to our ambitious Party
Coordinator and his planning partner for putting together a fun-filled,
food-filled; friendship-filled and festive holiday party! Our first holiday
party was held on the sunshine-filled patio at Bora Cross'n Pub in Carlsbad,
(North County). 


Rochelle Huston and five more Pathfinder members joined up with five members
and two perspective San Diego Chapter members.  Some Christmas jazz music
and some awesome pasta dishes were enjoyed by everyone. Both chapters played
a very competitive game of trivia. I have to concede that the Pathfinders
won by the skin of their teeth. -Just wait until next year, Rochelle. 


We had a gift exchange. One of the Pathfinders went home with a vibrant
orange hippo. One of our typically quiet chapter members; stole Rochelle's
coveted Sweet Potato pie that was made by one of our chapter members; and
his grandma Sonia. 


I know for sure that everyone who made it to the holiday party didn't allow
blindness to be the determining factor to travel to and from the San Diego
Chapter's first holiday party. 


Warm holiday wishes,

Lisa Irving NFBC, S. D. Chapter President

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