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Fri Dec 19 15:56:16 UTC 2014

Florida Christmas
By Tim Hendel
'Twas the day before Christmas, and the kids on the beach
were playing with frisbees just beyond the tide's reach.
The mommies were shopping, all covered with sweat
'Twas the hottest December in Florida yet.
And out at the airport the jet planes were landing
With thick coats and suitcases tourists were standing.
>From Boston and Cleveland, New York and La Grange
Saying, "Just take it easy till you're used to the change!"
And I in my shorts, and the kids in their trunks
Were combing the beach and looking for junk.
I found three lost coins and a broken cassette,
But my little boy cried, for he'd found nothing yet.
Then something appeared way out on the water.
The first one to see it was someone's small daughter.
It came floating in, an old shrimper's boat
So loaded with stuff that it hardly could float.
It was manned by a captain all wrinkled and old
But with eyes that were clear and a stare that was bold.
Long ago it was painted a bright shiny green,
And the name "La Gitana" could barely be seen.
The paint now was faded, and the oars they were cracked.
It was up to the gunnels from the weight in the back.
It came through the shallows and scraped on the sand
And the children came running just to lend him a hand.
They pulled the boat up, and the man took a line
And tied up to a palm tree, just taking his time.
Then the stuff from the back he began to unpack
Boxes and presents in water proof sacks.
There were dolls for the girls and cars for the boys
And big blasting radios that made such a noise.
There was stuff for the parents and more for the teens
Like computers and TV's with bright little screens.
The boat now was empty and easy to push
As it entered the sea with a glad little whoosh.
The man took his oars and paddled off south
And I wanted so bad to go with him myself.
His last parting words, now his work was all done,
"Feliz Navidad, don't stay out in the sun!" 

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