[Nfbc-info] supporting one of our own

Nancy Lynn freespirit.stl at att.net
Mon Dec 29 18:40:33 UTC 2014

Someone recently asked me what I mean by the subject line, so I’ll clarify it here. When I use the phrase one of our own, I mean that Bonnie is a member of our blind community, not necessarily in any of the organizations, but a part of this general community. I’m a real cheerleader for my fellow blind. I promote their efforts when they perform a public service of some kind. When I say quote supporting unquote, I simply mean for you to listen to the show and contribute with a book recommendation of your own. It’s no more or less than that. Now here’s the announcement.
It’s that time of year again folks. Jordan Rich and our very own Bonnie Blose will get together to do their bookshow. It happens again on saturday night into sunday morning, January 3 into 4, 2015 from midnight to 3:30am US eastern time. You can listen in one of 3 ways: either on the radio at 1030 on the AM dial or online. To listen online, go to www.billsparks.org and enter wbz in the keyword search box. You’ll get a page with many stations with wbz in their call letters. Use your screen reader’s find command and locate 1030. That will put you in the area of the right station. Then just arrow around till you hear either their flash player or a link that says listen live with your pda or smart phone. That’s really the dialup link, but it works well and uses winamp as the player.
You can also use this direct link.

To call in with a book recommendation, dial either 617-254-1030 or 888-929-1030. You can recommend any book no matter how new or old it is.
Come on. Join the fun. We’d love to hear from you.

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