[Nfbc-info] medical update

Rob Kaiser via Nfbc-info nfbc-info at nfbnet.org
Wed Jun 4 03:25:15 UTC 2014

Hello all: I went to two doctors earlier today. The first was the vascular specialist. An ultrasound was done. As I won’t have the final results until later this month, the initial result is that there is nothing going on with my vains (such as a blood clott.) I will see the vascular surgeon on June 30th as he will be out of town until then. 

The 2nd doctor was a back surgeon. This was suggested by two doctors as I don’t have feeling in my left leg down to my foot. Xrays were done on my back. They were negative. The back surgeon advised me not to go back to my neuro surgeon any more as he googled information on this doctor and found some things that were not real good. 

At this time, I have been advised to go to a pain management specilist for my pain. The doctor also said “no more surgeries.” 

That is it for now. 

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