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Hello all: I got this from someone on the NFB of Illinois mailing list. 

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      Empowering Independence™ 
      Freedom Scientific News 
      Greetings! As the summer is coming to a close, we reflect back and share what we’ve been up to for the past several months.

      ONYX Deskset HD Portable Video Magnifier
      The ONYX® Deskset HD began shipping just before the Summer Break. The sleek new design and brilliant, high-definition image are already proving to be very popular among students and professionals alike, who enjoy not only the portability of this video magnifier, but also the versatility that it provides with document, distance, and self-views.

      Freedom Scientific is committed to our customers, and we strive to develop advanced products that promote independence and empowerment. Over the next few months, stay tuned as we plan to announce another innovative new product for low vision users.

      JAWS 16 Public Beta Release
      Most recently, we’ve released the public beta version of JAWS® 16, and with that, we are receiving tremendous feedback from you.

      Features and enhancements include:

        a.. Convenient OCR enhancement to handle inaccessible PDF documents 
        b.. JAWS Command Search, a built-in search engine for JAWS keystrokes 
        c.. Semi-auto Forms Mode, offering the convenience of Auto Forms Mode, but the benefits of manual operation 
      With this new release, we’ve changed the JAWS Standard license to become JAWS Home Edition. This new Home Edition license works with both Home and Professional editions of Windows® 7 and Windows 8, making it more affordable for end users to maintain their licenses on their personal computers at home. Visit our JAWS Public Beta page for details.

      MAGic 13 Public Beta Release
      MAGic® 13 has also been released into public beta; the most notable feature in this new release is the support for Windows 8.1.

      Additional features and enhancements include:

        a.. Text Viewer, a feature that normalizes difficult text; Text Viewer displays in a rectangular box in a continuous line across the top or bottom of your screen 
        b.. New magnification levels with more incremental levels between 2x and 4x; and now with magnification all the way up to 60x 
        c.. Nuance® Vocalizer™ Expressive synthesizer support 
      You may have noticed that we’ve created a new MAGic Headquarters page, where you can find all of the latest MAGic information and resources.

      Both JAWS 16 and MAGic 13 will be released this fall.

      JAWS Training Bundle
      Over the summer we introduced the JAWS Training bundle, which includes over 50 hours of training on how to use JAWS with your computer. This training solution ships with either a PlexTalk® Pocket or Victor Reader Stream, or can be purchased on an SD card to use with your own device.

      This is a great tool for individuals who would like to learn at their own pace, and also for those who want a supplement to one-on-one training.

      Newly Redesigned Website
      We hope that you’ve had a chance to visit our new website, as it was created and redesigned specifically with our users in mind. Changes are continuing to take place, and we welcome your feedback.

      Twitter and Facebook
      We’ve taken the leap into social media, and are very much enjoying the great community that is developing. All of the latest information is posted as it happens, and we are gearing up for some fun contests in the near future. We encourage you to like and follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

      FSCast – Hear About the Latest Features in JAWS and MAGic
      Our FSCast features news, interviews, and product demonstrations. Hosted by Jonathan Mosen, each episode is a mixture of learning and entertainment. All episodes are archived, and you can download and listen at any time.

      The last several podcasts have been interviews with Eric Damery and Dusty Voorhees, product managers for JAWS and MAGic, talking about the new features in the latest versions of these products.

      From our Training Department
      Our Training department offers both free and paid webinars, as well as hands-on workshops. If you’ve never participated in our webinars before, we encourage you to register. Most are just one-hour long. Did we mention that many are free?

      Free live webinars include:

        a.. JAWS 16, Part 2: Enhanced Convenient OCR for PDF Documents, Semi-Auto Forms Mode. September 24 
        b.. JAWS 16, Part 3: JAWS touch screen, People app, Reading List. October 8 
        c.. Using JAWS with Firefox®. October 22 
        d.. Using the Word 2013 Navigation Pane with JAWS and MAGic. November 19 
        e.. Speech History with JAWS. December 3 
        f.. Frame Viewer with JAWS. December 17 
      Coming up in November, we will host a hands-on workshop at our Florida headquarters on Windows 8 and Microsoft® Office® 2013. This workshop is filling up fast, and there are only four seats left open. For more information, including description, fees, travel info, and more, visit our Training Workshop page.

      Freedom Scientific's Mission
      To develop, manufacture, and market technology-based products that provide equal access to information and computing for those with vision impairments or learning disabilities.
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      Freedom Scientific adheres to a very strict privacy policy. We will never sell, share or rent your email address 
      or other information. Visit us online to learn more about how we use your information. 

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