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The URL:
www.lighthouseredboxsettlement.com  does not appear to be a live URL.
Is there another place where we can find out how to submit a claim?

Many thanks,
-- Hoby Wedler

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Have you attempted to use Redbox kiosks to rent movies or video games? You 
may be eligible for compensation, but you must submit your claim before 
November 12, 2014. Please read on for details.

After over two years of litigation and extensive negotiations, LightHouse 
for the Blind and Visually-Impaired and its legal associates, Disability 
Rights Advocates (DRA) and the Law Offices of Jay Koslofsky, have entered 
into a precedent-setting settlement agreement with Redbox, the nation's 
largest operator of DVD rental machines. Under the settlement agreement, 
Redbox will modify its self-service DVD rental machines so that they will 
allow for accessible, independent usage by the blind.  The settlement will 
also compensate hundreds or thousands of blind Californians for the 
inaccessibility of these machines in recent years.

Redbox offers the nation's most popular video-rental service for DVDs, 
Blu-ray discs, and video games and operates thousands of video rental kiosks 
in California. The settlement ensures that Redbox's self-service kiosks will 
deploy nonvisual accessibility features including:  headphone jacks, tactile 
keypads, and text-to-speech services so that blind customers can 
independently use, browse, select, pay for, pickup, and return Redbox 
entertainment media.  Additional improvements will be made to Redbox's 
website, redbox.com, to ensure that blind customers using screen-reading 
technology can browse and reserve movies for pick-up and register for Redbox 
services independently.

In addition to these user-interface enhancements, the settlement contains a 
$1.2 million class damages fund to compensate eligible settlement class 
members who have been denied access to Redbox's services -- and who submit 
valid claims before November 12, 2014.  If you experienced barriers 
attempting to use a Redbox kiosk in California between January 12, 2010 and 
November 12, 2014 or were deterred from using a Redbox kiosk in California 
on a particular occasion during that time period because you knew that the 
kiosks were not accessible to the blind, you may be eligible for monetary 
compensation.  This includes blind Californians under the age of 18 with the 
signature of their parent or guardian.

Information about the settlement agreement, including information about 
filing monetary claims, is contained at: 

"This landmark agreement demonstrates that companies utilizing the internet 
and self-service kiosks can and should do so while providing full access for 
all potential customers-including blind people," said Lighthouse CEO Bryan 
Bashin, "We hope that this agreement will lead to continued expansion of 
access opportunities for customers with disabilities as self-service 
technologies evolve."


For further information about LightHouse for the Blind and 
Visually-Impaired, please visit 

For information about Disability Rights Advocates please visit 

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