[Nfbc-info] Redbox Settlement - You May be Eligible for Compensation

Fred's Win7 Catastrophe regenerative at earthlink.net
Wed Sep 24 16:48:38 UTC 2014

I remember complaining about this a few years ago. Both RedBox and 
NetFlix are or were terrible on nonvisual access.  I quit trying to 
use them, and made my city library step-up to fill the gaps.
Thanks again for getting this rolling!
Fred Chambers, down near San Diego

At 03:53 PM 9/23/2014, you wrote:

>Very many thanks, Jim.
>Very helpful.
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>Hello Everyone,
>Here's the link for making your claim
>Here's the San Francisco Lighthouse's blog about this settlement
>Hope this helps,
>On Tue, Sep 23, 2014 at 02:59:16PM -0700, Hoby Wedler via Nfbc-info wrote:
>>The URL:
>>www.lighthouseredboxsettlement.com  does not appear to be a live URL.
>>Is there another place where we can find out how to submit a claim?
>>Many thanks,
>>-- Hoby Wedler
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>>Subject: [Nfbc-info] Redbox Settlement - You May be Eligible for
>>Have you attempted to use Redbox kiosks to rent movies or video games? You
>>may be eligible for compensation, but you must submit your claim before
>>November 12, 2014. Please read on for details.
>>After over two years of litigation and extensive negotiations, LightHouse
>>for the Blind and Visually-Impaired and its legal associates, Disability
>>Rights Advocates (DRA) and the Law Offices of Jay Koslofsky, have entered
>>into a precedent-setting settlement agreement with Redbox, the nation's
>>largest operator of DVD rental machines. Under the settlement agreement,
>>Redbox will modify its self-service DVD rental machines so that they will
>>allow for accessible, independent usage by the blind.  The settlement will
>>also compensate hundreds or thousands of blind Californians for the
>>inaccessibility of these machines in recent years.
>>Redbox offers the nation's most popular video-rental service for DVDs,
>>Blu-ray discs, and video games and operates thousands of video rental kiosks
>>in California. The settlement ensures that Redbox's self-service kiosks will
>>deploy nonvisual accessibility features including:  headphone jacks, tactile
>>keypads, and text-to-speech services so that blind customers can
>>independently use, browse, select, pay for, pickup, and return Redbox
>>entertainment media.  Additional improvements will be made to Redbox's
>>website, redbox.com, to ensure that blind customers using screen-reading
>>technology can browse and reserve movies for pick-up and register for Redbox
>>services independently.
>>In addition to these user-interface enhancements, the settlement contains a
>>$1.2 million class damages fund to compensate eligible settlement class
>>members who have been denied access to Redbox's services -- and who submit
>>valid claims before November 12, 2014.  If you experienced barriers
>>attempting to use a Redbox kiosk in California between January 12, 2010 and
>>November 12, 2014 or were deterred from using a Redbox kiosk in California
>>on a particular occasion during that time period because you knew that the
>>kiosks were not accessible to the blind, you may be eligible for monetary
>>compensation.  This includes blind Californians under the age of 18 with the
>>signature of their parent or guardian.
>>Information about the settlement agreement, including information about
>>filing monetary claims, is contained at:
>>"This landmark agreement demonstrates that companies utilizing the internet
>>and self-service kiosks can and should do so while providing full access for
>>all potential customers-including blind people," said Lighthouse CEO Bryan
>>Bashin, "We hope that this agreement will lead to continued expansion of
>>access opportunities for customers with disabilities as self-service
>>technologies evolve."
>>For further information about LightHouse for the Blind and
>>Visually-Impaired, please visit
>>For information about Disability Rights Advocates please visit
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