[Nfbc-info] resolutions for consideration at the NFBC convention

Michael Hingson Mike at michaelhingson.com
Mon Sep 29 19:45:27 UTC 2014



One of the most important items at each convention's agenda is the
considerations brought to the convention.  Resolutions are the method by
which we adopt policies to govern our direction and goals for the upcoming


The most important ways resolutions come to the floor is to be brought to
the Resolutions Committee.  Robert Stigile and I chair the committee this
year.  Robert has already sent a request to you for any resolutions any of
you wish to have brought before the committee for consideration.  The
deadline is being extended to October 1, Wednesday, at 5PM.  If you have any
resolutions you want considered YOU MUST GET THEM TO ROBERT AND ME BY THAT
TIME OR THEY WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED.  Please send your proposed resolutions
to me at mike at michaelhingson.com and to Robert Stigile at
rstigile at gmail.com.  Please send your proposals to both of us.


Thank you for your participation and interest.  By the way, do not worry
about whether or not your resolutions are perfectly formatted.  We will take
care of that.  Just do your best and get us the content.  If you have any
questions please email me or call me at (415) 827-4084.  Please do not
contact Robert with questions this week as he is busy helping Joy with the
funeral of her mother. 






Michael Hingson


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