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                Celebrate and lift your heads high and swing your canes from side to side! How about reflecting your federation pride with your very own collectible Custom NFB Diamond 75th Anniversary cane! The white cane proudly displays the NFB Anniversary logo on the upper section of the cane, just below the handle. The cane also features a diamond representing the diamond anniversary, as well as federation expressions such as “Live the Life You Want” and “Raise Expectations.” Kustom Cane will have a handful of 75th Anniversary canes available for purchase at the exhibit hall during the convention. Kustom Cane will be located at the Tennessee Affiliate table. NFB straight canes, NFB folding canes, telescopic canes, and Ambutek folding canes will be available. Since we cannot ensure that we will have your preferred length, we recommend that you pre-order your 75th NFB Anniversary cane today! Kustom Cane’s owner, James Boehm, has over 20 years of experience with custom design. Clint Berg expressed “I just love my Kustom Cane. It's like an extension of who I am. Wherever I go, people are amazed by its great looks. I have my business name and a custom logo on it. It is really cool. Thank you.” 

                Call Kustom Cane today at 901-483-1515 or via email at kustomcane at gmail.com <mailto:kustomcane at gmail.com> . The price of the cane will be $75, which will also have Cane Shield, a protective coating over the logos and accents to ensure long life of your cane! Also, if you pre-order before June 15th, Kustom Cane can add your name in Braille or other NFB related phrases, such as “Bell Program,” “Newsline,” Braille Monitor,” and “Free White Cane.” Pre-orders, depending on the time of order, will either be shipped to you before the convention or available for pickup at our booth. You embody the spirit of the NFB! Show everyone you are a proud federationist with your new limited edition NFB 75th Anniversary Cane!

James Alan Boehm

Contact Information:

Phone: 901-483-1515

Personal Email: jimmydagerman80 at gmail.com <mailto:jimmydagerman80 at gmail.com> 

NFB Email: secretary at nfb-tn.org <mailto:secretary at nfb-tn.org> 

Kustom Cane: kustomcane at gmail.com <mailto:kustomcane at gmail.com> 


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