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Rob Kaiser rcubfank at sbcglobal.net
Sun May 31 04:05:36 UTC 2015

Good Evening All:

As some of you know, Sarah & I had to leave our house in Moreno Valley in a hurry because of unsafe living condissions. We are currently living at Sarah’s father’s in Victorville. At one time, Sarah had considered going up to Lake Arrowhead or Big Bear. Does anyone out there know that the job market for blind people are in those places, and what is the public/pera transit situation is in both of those places? 

NOTE: I don’t know how long we can hstay here, so finding a place to live is somewhat an urgency. I have even considered moving to another state at last resort, although, I really don’t want to do that being that I don’t think I could take a Midwestern or Northeastern winter anny more. 

If anyone can at least give me an idea if Big Bear and Lake Arrowhead have any job possibilities or decent publick/pera transportation there, that would really help us in determining whether it would be worth it to check those places out. I know that both of those areas have probably the least expensive housing out here. 

I would appreciate any help in this matter. 


Rob Kaiser 
rcubfank at sbcglobal.net

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