[Nfbc-info] employees w/ disabilities; their rights & responsibilities...

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Fri Nov 20 17:56:39 UTC 2015

Hello Ted and all others, 


I'm excited to tell you that I applied for a job. I am very confident that I
will be asked to interview for the job. One potential downside to this job
is the nominal time to drive clients from a non-descript facility to social
service appointments. The employer is a very large organization. In a
nutshell, I've got some solutions, or perhaps semi solutions. First, I plan
to offer to swap duties. I will also offer to use a car service such as
Uber. Because the facility supports people in crisis I imagine the matter of
confidentiality will be brought up by the interviewer.  Here are some of my


Given the fact that the job is 16 hours per week and the pay is modest, I
think I could split the cost of Uber with the employer. Is this  viable and
lawfully allowed solution? Can I circumvent the issue of confidentiality if
the client and I meet the car service a few houses up from the non-descript
facility? Along similar lines, the client and I don't have to discuss their
personal circumstances and I don't have to use his/her name. Where does all
of this fit into my rights; responsibilities and the obligations of the



Lisa Irving

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