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>The new, free ebook; (Building The Lives We Want: The Seventy-Fifth 
>Anniversary History of the National Federation of the Blind)  is now 
>available. Use the link below to access options for reading the book 
>including iBooks, Voice Dream Reader, computer, Kindle and hardware book 
>readers. The page contains instructions on how to read the ebook via all of 
>these formats. As the Acknowledgements and Appreciations section says, in 
>part; "It is not  the work of an individual setting forth alone to record 
>our struggles and achievements. Instead, it came into being through the 
>collective effort of a dedicated authors, researchers, and technology 
>wizards. It brings together the knowledge and reflections of men and women 
>who have played active roles in the National Federation of the Blind."

> https://nfb.org/pubs/building-the-lives-we-want 

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